Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Medical Mystery

 Cad sleeping at home back in March 2013

Well friends I have good news and bad news about "Cad Watch 2013".  I want to again thank all of you for your incredible comments & emails.  They really truly help keep us in positive spirits.  When this calms down some I fully intend to pay forward all the kindness y'all have shown our little furry family!!! Good news first (I usually go with bad first but we all need a boost). Cad does not seem to be getting worse and, if all goes well, he will be coming home tomorrow night! :)

 Now the not-so-good-news. First, he has DM (degenerative myelopathy) which essentially is Lou Gehrig's disease in dogs and just like in humans there is no cure. That isn't what has him at Tufts right now though. He probably has 6 months left, but who knows. Could be longer, could be shorter. We've decided in this house to make this the best summer ever and sneak him on the beach whenever we can, do lots of cuddling, visit family so they can say goodbyes, and in general run with Tim McGraw's song. :) We'll do whatever we can to stave off the disease, but we will also do what we can to enjoy the time we have.

Second, not sure if this is in the "good" bin or "bad" bin of news. They don't know what is wrong with Cad yet. It's like we are living an episode of House MD. He is having a biopsy done on his neck muscle because they can't figure out what virus it could be, or if he has lymphoma.  The docs tell me that if it is cancer he stands a good chance of recovery with chemo.

Long post short, please keep up with the prayers/thoughts/vibes.  None of the millions of tests they have run have had results come back yet.  Some won't be back 'til next week for sure, so this is an extended prayers/thoughts/vibes request.  As soon as I hear anything I will post more news.  There will be a prearranged project post on Friday- but if I can I will add an update to the bottom.  'Til then, keep your fingers crossed.


  1. thinking of you it is always so hard when our pets are sick if only they could talk.

  2. Will continue to pray and please know that you are in my thoughts!

  3. i'm so sorry for you and cad. will be keeping you all in my prayers.


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