Thursday, June 9, 2016


Last Thursday I shared a Throwback Thursday card and I thought I'd do the same thing again this week!  A couple months back I did some much needed cleaning of my studio and found these cards.  I had made them after a completely different (and still oh so needed) studio cleaning when I came across the leftover parts from a class I ran at my previous church.

I had forgotten that I even had this set of stamps!  I'm soooo digging them out from my stash.  Maybe blues/greens or yellow/blues this time. Maybe I'll quiz my guy friends for their favorite color.  Nah, I'll ask my nephews.  They have a laundry list of color combos!  We have had extensive conversations about favorite colors, color choices, what are good colors for certain things.  They really are naturals at color theory!  I bet they will have lots to offer to this conversation. ;-)

What color combo is speaking to you right now?  Have you used this set?  Send me a link or tag me on Instagram (@fuzzyslippersdesigns) so I can see what you created!  I need the inspiration!!!

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