Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flag Day

Thought I'd pop by to wish a Happy Flag Day to everyone today!  It is a pretty big deal at my school.  The kiddos have spent all year practicing all kinds of patriotic songs to sing at our Flag Day gathering.  Everyone wears red, white, and blue or course.  The kids are so cute in their outfits!!! Some of the parents get dressed up for it too. I have a special boa that I wear along with red/white/blue glitter eyelashes. I was interviewed one year for the town's cable access channel because of my super getup!

There are a couple of teachers that wear giant sequined Uncle Sam hats and one who wears a red/white/blue sequined tu-tu.  It is quite a sight to see the parade of flags around the Town Common after we sing and various classes put on their presentations!

Don't forget to hang your flag out today!  If you live in the Metro-West area of Boston and travel on 495, be on the lookout for the wacky gal in the silver Tiguan wearing a huge patriotic feather boa. ;-)

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