Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrate Banner

Sharing another oldie today, but it is so appropriate for the week!  It has been a very successful few days here.  I've managed to get quite a few valentine kits ready for this winter, I started tutoring (at a ridiculously early time) and the kiddos were great, and....drumroll......................................................... Cida and I passed the Therapy Dog test!!!! Whaaaaahoooooo!

This banner has me, once again, jonesing for some sassy nautical paper.  Nautical stuff is so yummy! I'm trying very hard to resist getting some new paper until I finish a few more projects.  There's no room for any new stuff!!!!  Of course I could always order the paper now and stash it until I'm finished with my projects.  But then there is the risk of never finding the stashed paper.  Ya know, 'cause by the time I actually get those projects finished I will have forgotten where I hid the paper!

For this "celebrate" banner, the base is cardboard coasters covered in lots of different patterned papers.  I ended up with a huge stack of these oval coasters and for some reason they just screamed banners to me.  It was a bit of a learning curve with that though.  The holes to string them together have to be a little more than halfway up, otherwise they might flip and then you have celbte instead! ;-) The layers used PTI dies and the letters are stickers that were part of the ancient (seriously like 8 years ago or something) paper line. 

Going to load this banner into the shop this weekend.  Make sure to stop by and check out the new goodies!

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