Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grateful Heart

Here is a beautiful, and easy card for y'all today.  I was able to use a variety of bits 'n pieces from the mess I had made making 100 hot cider wraps, 12 place cards, and the original 8 Thanksgiving cards I talked about on Saturday.  Cleaned up without having to clean- wish my house would do that!

  The washi-tape is new.  I didn't use it on the other projects.  I totally would have.  It's brand spanking new to my stash.  I'm trying to use washi more.  I even dug up several old black 1950's office tape dispensers and filled them with tapes I thought I could use for autumn projects.  It's been working well for me.  Let's hope I keep it up!  I've lots to use up!!!

The flowers are from PTI.  It's my first time using this set that I HAD. TO. HAVE.  I got them for my birthday. In August. Yeah, I'm grateful I finally used them. ;-) Along with my washi, I'm trying to burn through enough enamel dots to freckle my whole house.  How is it that I can rarely have the color I need when I have a bazillion of these?????  I'm sooooooo crushing on this green that I have been hoarding them.  Gotta let go sometime I guess.  Thanksgiving cards seem like the right time. :-)

Sneaky peek at the embellished envelope.  It is simple, but gets right to the point. It's hard to tell from my pic, but it is stamped in a dark evergreen.  I just got a new camera and, hopefully, some of my pictures will look better next week.  We shall see!

Hope you have all your Turkey Day shopping done.  I don't envy anyone having to venture out any time until, well, maybe Monday?  I remember having to go to the grocery store twice on Thanksgiving Eve for stuff I ran out of and even though I live in a fairly small town- it was traumatic.  Of course I find the grocery store fairly traumatic most of the time unless it is between 1 and 2 on a Tuesday.  Then no one is around and the shelves are still stocked. ;)

May you have an uneventful week!


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