Monday, November 23, 2015


I thought I had shared this last year.  I've made several of these Thanksgiving mini albums over the years.  I don't even remember how the idea came about, maybe from my friend Michele.  I think her family has been doing something like this for many years. The first one was for my mother-in-law as a birthday gift (her birthday is today BTW- Happy Birthday Barb!).

The albums get decorated, but I try to leave enough space for what we put in our albums.  Of course there are family photos.  One smiles and one goofy!  Last year my youngest nephew and I made photo booth style props with pilgrim hats, turkey waddles, and feathers. :-)

Everyone in the family adds what they are thankful for in a small 1" square.  Keeping the square small both helps make it easy to talk everyone into doing, and it keeps some of us from writing all afternoon!

My sister-in-law also adds the menu from that Thanksgiving, she has really cool handwriting so it looks even better because she writes it!  Mostly the meal stays the same, but something gets tweaked each year.  For example, I get bored making the same dessert every year.  Pecan Pie is a must, but sometimes I make mini pies in mason jars, or cakeballs, or pumpkin mousse pie, or cookies, or what I'm making this year.  It's a surprise, so I can't share until after. :) I try to stick to only two things, but it all depends on my mood.

Each year usually only takes 2 pages front/back.  That way you can look through an album and see a bunch of years.  Always a treat to look through the pages of Thanksgiving past!

I've loaded this album into my Etsy shop and can ship it out ASAP.  Take those pictures, write those thankful notes, and when the album comes all you need to do is adhere the pics & notes!

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