Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thankful Duo

Happy Sunday!  I can actually say that it is a "sun" day today too!  Pretty rays of sunshiny goodness have been peeking out and are much more welcome than the storm that had originally been predicted for today.
I thought I would share a couple of thank you cards I sent out this week.  This one went to B over in London. (You are probably seeing this before you even get it B!)  It had a couple of flat things in it we thought she could use more than us. :)  I liked that the postcard looked like airmail and also had a seastar- B's last stateside addy was Maine.  I'm also jealous that she has flowers blooming in London!  Before long it will look like the background paper over there!!!
This is a card we sent to the gal who took care of Cad's cremation.  I tried to color it a bit to look like him, which wasn't easy since he was a little bit of every color. :)  We are going to spread some of the ashes at the ocean, when it gets warmer, and DH is building a box for the rest.  They came in a heart shaped box and I thought putting that in one of DH's boxes would be nice.
I am busy in my studio whipping up some new goodies for the GYB winner & for my Etsy Shoppe.  If the sun keeps shining, I may even get pictures of them! :)  I'm off to eat lunch and catch up on the last 2 episodes of Downton before anyone spoilers happen to me- I've gotta say I've been pretty lucky so far.
Have a sunny Sunday!


  1. Very cute card...happy creating in your studio.

  2. Two wonderful cards! I think you did a great job making the sweet pup look like Cad!

  3. Oh, to have such talent! There are just lovely! I love stationery. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my baby-rocking rocking chair post! ~Zuni


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