Saturday, March 22, 2014

40 Days and Counting

Only 40 days to go until we open our cottage in Maine!  Yahooey!!!  Of course we will probably still need to shovel to get in the door.  LOL!  Last we heard it was still pretty white on the ground up there.  There is a rumor that some of our relatives still have their Christmas decorations up because "it still looks like Christmas outside, so we might as well leave up the d├ęcor".  :P

Seemed like a good time to share this card.  I've got warm beach days on my mind. :)  This lighthouse is a workhorse stamp for me.  It's great for guy cards and birthday cards, and it makes for a thoughtful image on sympathy cards.  Friends and I made a bazillion Save-the-Date cards a few years back for a gal pal.

This creation is on its way to Florida.  Where it is 82 as of the typing of this post.  I'd do just about anything to feel 62 degrees right now.  Heck 52 for a couple days in a row would be joyful!  Ah well, pretty soon it'll be stinkin' hot and we'll all forget we were ever cold.  LOL!

I'm off to bid farewell to friends at Ink About It.  The shop will shutter after a big gathering.  *sniff, sniff*  If you are a fan and want to get updates about future classes that instructors are planning in the area, please email me and I'll get you an invite to the FB page.  A bunch of us instructor folk are coordinating some fun events for peeps. :)


  1. congrats onthe opening of the cottage~long way from me:):) Lovely card :)

  2. Your latest card posts are wonderful Moriah. You're spot on about this image too. It's incredibly versatile and so easily adaptable for a masculine card; which is my nemesis! Good luck ushering in Spring. I know it's around here somewhere too..just need to find it under the snow we're due to get today.
    hugs to you,
    Lisa x

  3. Beautiful Lighthouse card, Moriah!!! LoL, it's never to early to think about summer and the beach even so we did not make it out of the 40th today and "OH" there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow!!!
    Thanks for a little reminder, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel or a lighthouse and summer is right around the corner!
    Have a great week!


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