Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunshine Equals Happiness

Oh it is soooo true!  Sunshine can really equal happiness, especially when it bring weather that is in the high 50's. :)  A retired coworker friend and I enjoyed a long visit today.  The teahouse we were going to nosh at wasn't quite ready for us- and that was great!  We were able to enjoy sitting on a sunny bench outside while we waited for our table.  Nothing like a dose of Vitamin D with a friend!!

It will be short lived around here though.  We are do for a flash freeze late tomorrow night and snow into Thursday morning.  Oh well.  Such is life in New England.  If the weather was the same all the time, we wouldn't appreciate the spring blooms, summer beach days, crisp apple cider autumn days, and cozy fireside cocoa winter nights. Of course I'm not opposed to spending a year in St. John's USVI where every day is sunny and 80 and every night is starry and 72, purely for scientific purposes you know. ;D

This is one of the cards I made for the GYB giveaway.  It's all due to be posted at the end of this week.  More peeks to come (and hopefully more sunny days too!)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. So very pretty and I agree about the sunshine. We had a whopping 50 degrees two days ago and this morning we woke to 5 inches of snow. Another snow day = some extra studio time. Anyway, I love this pretty, springy card.

  2. LOL..your post had me smiling from ear to ear. I loved your seasonal descriptions and YES...strictly for research purposes, I'd sign on to be a guinea pig :) Your card is glorious and brings with it its own warmth and sunshine!
    hugs to you Moriah. Hope you're doing okay.
    Lisa x

  3. I think the weather has gone crazy!!!! Its 80 here where I live, and should be raining! Your card is so so beautiful!!

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