Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh Fun!

This card was originally intended to be a birthday card, but after seeing the weather in DC it seemed appropriate. :)  I'm sure that those weren't the words expressed by many this morning when looking at 10 inches of snow.  I'll admit that up here in MA we were all breathing a sign of relief.  Hard to believe that we are on the tail end of "the ides of March" and still looking at snow 'n ice.

This was an uber fun card to create because I got such a deal on the goods!  Most of the papers were from a kit I had full of BG papers and this luscious OH, FUN! chipboard sentiment.  The great deal were the pearls.  They were in a grab bag of blingy leftovers that I scooped up for $2.  Mixed feelings about that steal.  Glad to get a TON of bling for cheap, but sad because it was due to the fact that my local store is closing.  *sniff, sniff*  The last hurrah will be on Saturday. :(

I shall not let this post become a sad one though!  The closing of my favorite store and the dreadful weather will be used as a focus to reinvigorate my 50 projects challenge.  No buying anything new until I get 50 projects completed!!! (or I get distracted by something pretty on the internet. LOL!)

Stay Warm!


  1. I can see you are pushing for spring here. I almost hate to tell you that we are in full bloom here and the weather is gorgeous, but that's Arizona for you. I hope you warm up soon and your card is lovely!

  2. Ha thats too funny...
    me too not starting anything new until....
    d xxx

  3. 10 inchs! Oh I would not like that lol! its been in the 70's here and everything blooming :-) But your card is so bright and cheerful, i love it!!

  4. Today is the first day of Spring so hopefully you'll see some sunshine soon. You've created such a pretty card. I've never tried doing paper crafts but it looks very interesting and fun. Enjoy!

  5. Oh I wish I had your resolve! I haven't made anything in over a week and I'm planning a trip to the craft stores to get me going (since I don't have enough here to do that!)

    I love your bright and cheerful card! The sunburst pattern is perfect for bringing a warm greeting!


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