Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Fashion Plates

Do you remember that toy, Fashion Plates?  I came across a post by Kim at her blog ART & INSPIRATION.  Her post is so spot on for how I felt about that toy.  I wanted them in the worst way for years when I was a kid.  I finally got them probably 6 months before I was "too old" to play with them 'cause it wasn't "cool" anymore. Wish I knew where they were!  Luckily I have found a new version (at least it makes me think of a newer version of FP's).

The left two tags I made way back in February at a class at Ink About It.  The one on the right I made, gosh maybe early May at a "reunion" crafting get together.  The girls were so popular that by the time any store had gotten the stamps they were sold out- I never was able to get the stamps until about a week or so ago!!!  These are soooo much fun to dress up. :)  I'm trying to get some other projects done so I can make a few more!

This is the only image I could find of all the girls you can get to play with from Prima.  I got 3 to start.  The 2nd in from the left & the last 2.  I haven't played with them all yet, I've been busy crafting though.  Hold on to your hats!  I've got lots of posts coming up this week!!


  1. OMG I so remember these I loved these as a kid wow can't believe you have them so kewl :)

  2. What fun tags! I used to love designing clothes for my paper dolls! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and the tip to link up to Moxie Fab. I missed seeing all those great challenges. Thanks!

  3. Good grief! Talk about a blast from the fun is this!!! You have my inner child jumping up and down Moriah!! Your tags are so incredibly clever. I love the versatility of them. Comparing the left to the right, the polka dots for the Halloween witch is adorable. :) Now you have me wondering where I put my Spirograph too...LOL.
    Lisa x

  4. Oh, I LOVED these! I found a similar set several years ago and bought it for my girls. They were not nearly as impressed...

    I love how you used the fashion girls! I'm finally trying to catch up on visits and was drooling over all of your beautiful cards! Love the daisies too!


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