Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Memory Jar

A couple weeks back I showed you a Treasure book I made.  I mentioned that I had a new way I was trying to record the "treasures" of the moment.

I saw the idea for putting down happy memories on bits of paper and dropping them in a jar throughout the year on Pinterest.  Probably around New Years. :)  The idea is that on New Year's Eve you pull out the papers and read/remember your good times of the year.  I used an old salsa jar, blinged it up, and then we've been writing it on scraps I punched into circles.  No reason things shouldn't be colorful!  LOL!

Hope you are having a colorful & happy mid-week!


  1. I had seen this and thought it was a great idea as well, but haven't started it yet ;)
    Your altered jar and the pretty circles are perfect and so pretty for this project :)

  2. Your jar looks fabulous and I love this idea! Would be great for a wedding too!


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