Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Revisited

Valentine's came and went, but I thought I'd do a quick recap. :)   These cake balls are a valentine take on these balls I made a couple years ago.  The fam got the job of eating these.  These weren't as good as the peppermint ones, IMHO, but the peeps seemed to like them so all was good. :)

I got together with some gals at work and made a few different valentine cards.  Here is a valentine take on this card.  Aren't these pink snowbanks soooo stinkin' cute!  Speaking of snowbanks...

The pre-valentine blizzard left us with over 2 feet of snow.  Would you believe most of it has melted in my backyard!?!  The mountain in front is still there.  The entire state was shutdown and a driving ban was in place for something like 48 hours.  It was AWESOME!  Not having to go anywhere or do anything was kinda fun.  DH and I went out after the storm to throw snowballs and act like kids.  Apparently when I wasn't looking my body got a little older- I manged to twist my knee playing in the snow!  I'm way better now, but how pathetic!

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday where ever you are and that you have something silly to smile about. :)



  1. hi Moriah - sorry about your knee - ouch! That snow was perfect for forts and building...kinda hoping we get another one before spring hits, but then again, can't wait to see the crocus and dafodils!! xoxox

  2. That is quite a snow bank! I don't think our is that large!

  3. Such a sweet card, and an amazing bank of snow...I wish we'd get some real snow like that!

  4. I LOVE your pink snow!! Wonderful change up to the traditional Valentine!

    LOL on playing in the snow! Don't you hate it when your mind is still at 20, but your body has aged at the traditional pace... I find myself there quite often!


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