Monday, September 17, 2012

Seasons and Seafood

Oooo, I just know the season of lobster rolls is coming to an end!  I LOVE LOBSTER.  On a roll, in a shell, in mac 'n cheese, as a potato skin topping, in chowder- you name it and I'll eat it. :)  Now I must brace myself to fall back on my love of shrimp.  With cocktail sauce.  The kind with TONS of horseradish sauce.  Ya know so you have that sinus reaction a few seconds after eating it.  Some folks can't get enough jalapenos, me I'll stick to horseradish sauce.  And pepto bismal tablets.  LOL!
I've seen the leaves changing already here in New England.  They are already much prettier than I had hoped given the drought this winter & summer.  I feel bad for folks on leaf peeping trips this year though.  The trees put on a much more glorious fashion show when they have had lots of water. 
I've been cleaning again- or still?- anyway, this are bits 'n pieces from my other projects.  The color combo makes me think of summer and of fall which seems very appropriate for a day like today.  Sunny, a little warm, and a crisp breeze to remind you of the changing season.  There are times when I'm sad for the change of the season, but then I think "would I enjoy them as much if they never changed?"

What do you like best about fall?  What do you like least? (I bet it is raking!)

Deets (kinda):
Stamp- Lori's Lil' Shrimp/Fred Mullet
Card Base- Kraft/Memory Box
Zigzag paper- White Bread (back side)/Basic Grey
Ink- Twinkling H2O's(applied directly to the stamp)

Happy New Year to all my friends celebrating Rosh Hashanah!  May you all have a sweet and wonderful New Year!


  1. I like the same things too!!! Lovely card, beautiful work!!!

  2. My favorite thing about fall is the cool air, the beautiful colors, and pumpkin frappechinos! Okay, I guess that was 3 things...whoops! This multi colored shrimp looks awesome, and I love that chevron paper!

  3. Great card and perfect for the shifting seasons! Unfortunately, now I'm hungry for seafood...I LOVE horseradish-cocktail sauce, I go again! I have the same sinus reaction eating wasabi peas, but keep eating them anyway!!

    Our leaves haven't begun the change and I'm hoping they will be pretty as well. I am one of the rare people who loves to rake leaves, especially when we make a big pile for the girls (and sometimes Mom & Dad) to jump in. Of course, we only rake the leaves near the house. The rest get mulched into the yard with the mower. I also love campfires on cool evenings. I don't think there is anything I hate about fall. Winter is a different story...


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