Thursday, September 20, 2012

Falling for this

Ahhh, there is nothing as nice as breaking bread with family!  A few weeks back we had the chance to host my DH's aunt and cousin.  It was fun to get together and break out some pretty dishes.  A great chance to capture a TABLESCAPE! :)
The glasses are from a thrift place around the corner.  They had displayed a huge basket full of different red glassware.  After inheriting a bunch of gorgeous Morgantown glasses, I'm addicted to red glass. ;)  Couldn't pass up the basket- those beauties needed a home!
It was really warm the day they came by or we would have sat outside.  The flowers 'n healthy snacks came from an organic farm next door to my neighborhood.  Mmmm and yum!  When they arrived we broke out all the goodies they brought and other stuff we had- we enjoyed seeing each other so much I forgot to take more pictures!!!  Oh well.

The plates are ones we picked up on sale years ago at Crate and Barrel.  We never remember to use them!  I'm so glad we pulled them out for our get together. :)
The flowers smelled sooo good!  Best to enjoy them now.  Who knows how much longer 'til Jack Frost comes to take them away...


  1. I love the red glasses! I, too, love red; alas and alack, though, I have none.
    Your flowers are gorgeous!!

  2. I would've snatched those red glasses up, too. I love your pretty plates, also. I'm your newest follower :). I would love of you followed me back.


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