Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheer over drear

Oh it is a rainy one here today folks!  I feel bad for the kiddos starting school today.  It's hard enough to go that first day, but with rain it just seems sadder.  Before I left for Alaska- and boy does that seem like a lifetime ago already!!!- I made this cheerful bouquet from some scraps.
I thought this would make a nice birthday card.  No idea who it might go to yet.  There are a TON of birthdays in my family the next couple months.  Every September I vow to be better about sending cards that aren't belated birthday cards in the next 12 months.  Maybe this will be the year?
How 'bout you?  Do you make any "resolutions" when the leaves start to change and the kids head to school?

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  1. Beautiful! Love the glittery accents and the pretty doily peeking out!


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