Friday, September 14, 2012

Hydrangea Happiness

Okay, okay I know you are thinking "Seriously Moriah?  ANOTHER hydrangea card?!?!?"  What can I say?  I get OCD when I find something I like. :)  This time I have a *gasp* BLUE hydrangea!  Shocking to all of you who know blue isn't my favorite color, but I have to say it may be growing on me. 
This is one of the images I was coloring back when my DH and DFIL were working on the garden path.  My DMIL and I were streaming my soon-to-be cousin-in-law's radio show on WYEP out of Pittsburgh.  Gotta love technology for that.  It was so cool to listen to her talking about the day in Pitt while we were enjoying our day in MA. :)

So do you want deets on how I made this card and links to where you can get some of the goods?  You do?  Fantastic!  Head over to The Hens Den and you can check out my tut. ;)

Happy Friday!


  1. The blue looks great! I would never know you didn't like blue, because this is so pretty! I really love the yellow bow tying it all together :)

  2. You may not like the colour blue, but this card is stunning.
    Beautifully coloured.

  3. I for one could never get tired of seeing your gorgeous hydrangea cards, especially when they're blue!!


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