Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And she'll want some string

Hey y'all!  One more post for the If you give a girl a lighthouse series!  There is at least one more project, but it isn't finished yet.  Something to look forward to later. :)
Before I show you the goods, I thought I'd share a quick pic from this weekend.  We have a summer rental property in Maine that we clean every Saturday.  On the way back we "drove through" the Portsmouth Air Show.  I say "through" because the Blue Angels fly right over I-95.  We've gotten to see the planes the last couple of years and it is WAY COOL!  My shot is terrible I know.  To be fair I was in a moving car and these plane are "flyin".  :)  At one point 4 of the Angels were so low I swear I could see the color of the pilots' eyes.  Takes your breath away!
These are smaller tags made from the leftovers of the frames from these cards.  The to/from is from one of the PTI Christmas tags sets and the flowers are prima.  Luscious!  I have some great design news to share with everyone tomorrow and some lovely new stuff to share the next few days.

Yesterday would have been Mom's 64th birthday.  I still miss her every day and even think once in a while "oh I gotta tell Mom about this".  To celebrate her day I spent it her favorite way- crafting and watching sci-fi & mystery shows.  She would have LOVED Netflix streaming on an iPad!!!  I got a bunch of fun stuff created and I actually have an Anniversary card ready to give my hubby tomorrow.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for the fun news and a tutorial!!!


  1. adorable tags, so pretty!!! Great design!!!

  2. Oh Moriah, what a special post. Almost made me cry when I read your thoughts on your Mom. I think it's wonderful that you spent the day doing what she loved to do. I love your tags and that's an excellent idea to use the pieces from the frames to turn into tags. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!
    hugs to you,
    Lisa xx

  3. Your tags are gorgeous. I love the way you used the leftovers!

  4. These turned out beautiful! Great job! Love Penny

  5. Very cool that you get to be "in" the airshow! How special that you spent a day like that with your mom in mind. The tags are great! This is a cool sounding challenge, I'll have to check it out.

  6. Wowie! Love the Blue Angels! How exciting they got so close to your vehicle! 8-) Your Tags are So Adorable! Love that you were able to use left over pieces from a different project! Love when it works out that way! 8-)


  7. Sending a hug through the internet for you! Such a sweet way to honor your Mom!
    I would have loved to have seen the air show. When I was little, our local airport would have a show every summer. Nothing like the Blue Angels, I'm sure, but still a great memory!
    I am really enjoying this series and those tags are wonderful! Love those pretty flowers!


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