Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Freebie!

EDIT-Looks like the newsletter is not viewable on "i" hardware. :( If anyone has tips/tricks for making it viewable, don't hesitate to share. :) in the meantime, check out the e-newsletter using an "old fashioned" technology. LOL!

The Hen's Den has a free newsletter with four great tutorials, four pages of designer papers, and links to some fantastic chipboard books you can get to make your own goodies. For those of you who are really suffering in all this heat, check out Carolyn's layout tutorial. It is sure to cool you off today! :)

I'll share my wreath tutorial with y'all tomorrow AND on Friday I'll be giving a sneak peek as Guest Designer at the Catered Crop's Quickfire for this Saturday. The challenge this week is ruffles. There is oodles of time, so read the Hen's Den Newsletter and get inspired to join the Catered Crop Challenge!

BTW- The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not a dry eye in the place. The bride and groom wrote their own vows (and both cried while reading them *awww*) and they wrote joint pledges for their girls because they wanted the girls to know how much blending their families wasn't just "mom" and "dad", but the kids too. Sooooo touching. I'm a little weepy as type this. It was like the ending of a Hallmark movie. Hope your Monday has some Hallmark happy moments!

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