Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For all you do

It's Top Tip Tuesday and this week your challenge is to create a "thanks" kinda card.  I've been trying to stockpile these this summer so I have them on hand during the school year to thank parents and students for gifts 'n such.
Some of my friends can't believe I give my students cards that I have made, but why not?!?  It shows the kids how much I care about what they have given me and it lets them see that I am a "real person" too. LOL!
This is a lotsa layers card!  Don't be afraid of using those layers- although I can say that sometimes I can be intimidated when it comes to using layers.  Which papers to use?  What is too much?  Which layer gets popped?  Geesh such tough decisions!  When finished these layer cards usually end up being my favorites- guess I need to make more then. :)

What kinda crafty struggle do you have?  How are you pushing through?  I'd love to hear your thoughts 'cause I'm sure they will be encouraging!  I'd love to see your entry at Top Tip Tuesday and you'll love the tutorial this week from Maggie!  It's a step card tut and it is fab!


  1. Love your card, Can't Imagen you struggling with this its great! love all the textures you have got there too! hugs Samantha :0)

  2. Very pretty card Moriah! Love all the subtle colors layered together.


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