Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry I have been AWOL

Where does the summer go?!?  I had all these plans to get some much crafty work done!!!  I have yet to set foot in my studio to clean the mess from the end of June (I just grab a couple things and walk out) and have posted exactly 3 things since the beginning of July.  Alas, I did get to travel to Quebec, my disgusting basement is significantly less disgusting after the massive clean out, and this week I finished the most awesome games making class.  Really I can't complain.

It was the most inspiring teacher class I have taken in quite a long time. :)  About 20 of us spent the entire week making educational games to use with our students and the instructor is the most creative gal!   Each day she gave one or two presentations (~1 1/2 hours) focusing in on games that could be created.  It was amazing and so overwhelming that the last two nights I had lots of dreams about making games.  LOL!  We had a giant show and tell at the end of class today so we could all see each other's creations.  My classmates are so talented!!!  I took so many pictures in hopes of lifting their ideas for my students too. :)
Here's a quick little mini notepad.  I'm also hoping to create a set of note cards to coordinate with this notepad.  I'm so exhausted after this class though, who knows. :)  We'll see how long it takes! LOL!

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