Friday, July 8, 2011

A Royal Visit and Happy Birthday

Well I am finally back from Quebec City and I can say it is the most beautiful city I have seen in North America.  You hear folks say that it is like going to Europe and I am here to say THEY SPEAK TRUTH! :)

It is an amazingly beautiful place and I hope to get some pics posted soon.  In the meantime, I got to see the Royal Couple.  Woo-woo!  We didn't plan it or anything (we totally pulled a Savannah on that one). We waited for about an hour in ridiculous heat (it really is the humidity that gets ya') and were rewarded with this...
This picture doesn't really do the experience (or my true view) justice.  Tom was assigned picture taker 'cause he was taller than everyone, but objects in photo are smaller than they appear.  We actually got to see their hands and arms and they were way closer to us.  :)  The whole experience was truly fun.  The crowd was chatty and we exchanged info about Quebec City and lots of other places since nobody in the group was even from Quebec!  PA, ME, VT and various other places in Canada.
July is a big birthday month in my family, so I'm just going to shout out Happy B-day to all right now. :)  I know me, I'm gonna be belated with some of them and well I was in the mood for a birthday card post.  LOL!

I've got my card and am blowing out candles here:
Penny's Paper Challenge- Happy Birthday
Crafts and Me Challenges- Favorites
Oldie But Goodie- Anything Goes

Hope you have a royally relaxing and enjoyable Friday!


  1. Wow Moriah;) Just loving the colours blending together. Fabolous card:) How exiting to see some royals as well. Have a fabolous weekend;) Hugs

  2. You looked like you had a wondeful time and love your card as daisies are my fav flower. Thanks for sharing with us all ere at Penny's.


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