Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ever find you have been so busy you don't have a chance t stop and smell the roses?  My DH and I have been so crazed these last couple of weeks that just this weekend we noticed that the back gardens look AMAZING!
We both thought "take pictures"!  All of the day-lilies are from my mother's house.  My DH and his dad helped me dig them all up when we sold her house.  It was quite an ordeal.  We had to tranlplant all my mom's plants at my in-laws until the following year because we knew we were going to move in November and the plants would never take if they went in the ground that late.
Our backyard gets sun the entire day, so in the few years we've lived in this house we've already split the day-liles once and will need to do it again next year.  It is lovely to have a bit of my mom here at our place.  The entire backyard was a blank slate when we moved and she would have loved what we did with it. :)
These lucky little gals were rescued from the bulldozer and have gone to town!  Looks like the bugs think they are tasty. :)  They were a little upset the first year they were planted, but geesh- they will need splitting next year too.

Hope these pics brought some cheer to you.  If you have some pics of your flowers, please let me know!  I adore "walking" through the gardens of the blogosphere. :)


  1. that looks wonderful and it is amazing that it happened in a few years.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Everything is burnign up in the midwest, so it's nice to see a color other than brown !

  3. Wow! Awesome garden; love all of those lilies; simply beautiful!


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