Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cad Update, 2 Bloggers & Thanks

We got to see Cad last night and he was AWAKE! :)  This was the best shot I took using my iPhone.  Poor guy, his tongue is swollen from the ventilator.  It hangs out of the side of his mouth and he ends up looking like a Chinese Crested competing for the Ugly Dog Contest.  Doc says that it will go away and in spite of the swelling he managed to get down a little wet kibble- man he doesn't miss a meal for nuttin'! That's the corgi we know and love. :)  He is breathing on his own now and can move his head a bit.  They tested his legs for feeling and he has feeling, he just needs to remember how to use his legs. 

We know he's him.  He got the excited shakes when he saw us and we used his important words like "dinner" "treat" "beach" and "walk" mixed in with other nonsense words.  He perked his ears as best he could each time he heard a word he knew. :)  He also wanted to bark at a vet who walked by wearing *gasp* something that jingled.  He HATES jingles.  The student vet who was with us even noticed Cad perk up and we told her why.  These seem to be good signs and we are keeping our fingers crossed for continued progress.

I was supposed to be at the PTI Stamp-a-Faire in Cincy today.  When I posted I couldn't go and asked for prayers for Cad two lovely ladies offered to get my goodie bag for me.  Folks who were strangers to me before Thursday night!  They are so sweet and I want to ask you all to stop by their blogs and give them some love.  Melissa and Suzanne are amazing ladies to do this mitzvah and as a bonus they are both uber talented too!

Tom and I cannot begin to tell everyone how much all the well wishes for Cad mean to us.  I've posted about this on various boards and FB and the outpouring of support continues to be a source of strength for us both.  May all this kindness be returned to all of you tenfold!!!! 


  1. so sad to hear about these things. but glad the little guy is doing better.

  2. Oh yay Cad!!! I know he must of been so happy to see you :) It may take a little bit but sounds like he's coming back around to the right track. I can totally feel what you're feeling right now as our youngest Pom had to have emergency surgery about 3 weeks ago and he's still not out of the woods. Bladder stones and he has to go back in a month for another checkup but he's home with us so that's good. Can't wait to hear more good news on Cad :)

  3. Yes Moriah fingers crossed he contiues to

  4. Awwwww,this is a wonderful picture!!! :) Made me smile first thing this morning. Hug that adorable puppy for me. :D

  5. I am so glad he's doing better. This is weird but I had a dream about you and your dog this morning, so I had to get up and see if he was doing better. I also have my mother's dog after she passed unexpectedly of a stroke. These little dogs are a link to a loved one that we miss very much. We need them as much as they need us. I will be sending good wishes your way for Cad's quick return to you.


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