Sunday, April 17, 2011

Being Creative Week 9

This is week 9 of my friend Amisha's Being Creative party!  Her goal was a ten week party where creative folks share their goodness with one another, make new friends, and inspire/invigorate/innovate creativity with fellow artists (Amisha and I truly share the belief that everyone is an artist).  This week the "theme" is Big and Little Ideas.   I decided to share creations made from Joanne's workshop using My Favorite Things last weekend.  She is a doll of a teacher!!!  So creative and willing to share her talent 'n tips with all of us.
I adore taking classes because you get that immediate feedback from fellow classmates.  It's so cool to get to talk with each other and get tips 'n tricks (and some even have to do with the class LOL!).
All classes make me stretch myself a little.  Joanne's classes remind me to have fun with layers, multiple patterns, and shapes.  Kinda like when you were a kid, but with WAY better toys. :)
I would say that the reminders to be a kid and use "lots of stuff" is a big and little idea.  Big because it can change how you create and little 'cause it's such a simple and easy idea.  So Thanks goes out Joanne for reminding me to play with ALL my papers and thanks for creating a yummy set of cards & for teaching us how to make those cards!!!

Hope to see all of you artists over at Amisha's party.  Please share your creations.  I know you will inspire all of us!

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  1. Your cards are really cute. I love your idea of just being a kid and playing with your stuff! I sometimes save out my best "stuff" because I may find the "perfect" use later. I just have to let go and just use it! I'm slowly getting there. : ) Keep being creative and have fun!



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