Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Studio Shots

Happy Tuesday Folks!  I'm excited to finish my studio tour with you today, but don't forget to link up your "Anything Goes" or cool tip to Top Tip Tuesday this week so you can win some fun goodies!  Carol's got a great tutorial on making wallet cards you aren't going to want to miss.
Hope you enjoyed the partial tour of my creative space last week and my favorite tools shout out too.  This Tuesday I am sharing a few more pics that show how I organize my space.  As always, this is the way I organize 'cause it's what works for me and I post this in hopes it helps spark and idea for y'all out in Blogland. :)
Here's a shot of my work table.  My DH built it to fit a tiny little space two houses and 10 years ago. :)  We keep talking about replacing it, but it was one of the first woodworking creations he made and I'm not ready to part with it yet.  No it's not usually this clean. LOL!  The basket (I made that!) holds some different pens, pencil, paintbrushes, plyers- basically a catchall.  The red tray was my mom's and it stores my Stickles (yup in rainbow order) and ink sponges.  My Copics are in a travel bin to the left.  I have too many to keep in a Copic made travel bag and haven't figured out how to travel without ALL OF THEM (if only these were the worst troubles in the world!).  My "scrap bin" sits on top of the Copic box and the floating shelf holds my pencils, craypas, and glue.
A better shot of the floating shelves.  My candy bin and Amuse village-in-the-making stamps.  Some folks do Department 56, I do an Amuse storefront village. :)
Here's a what-not-to-do tip.  See that floating shelf with all my clear blocks?  See the TV?  It has a built in DVD player.  Guess where the DVD loading slot is.  Betcha figured it out huh.  Yup, right where the shelf is hung.  Luckily I can take the shelf off the wall pretty easily, but still.  What a big "duh".  I'm just way to lazy to fix it yet.  Not the most flattering shot of Fitz either now that I look at this shot. :)
This is my storage armoire I got years ago at an unfinished furniture place for a steal.  It holds my plastic card sleeves, empty containers waiting to be repurposed, old magazines, hand sewing stuff, paints, embossing powders, and other "stuff".  It's a hot mess in there so there's no way y'all are getting an inside look. Ha-ha! :)
Remember the table I had all those die cutters laying on?  Under that table is the Christmas basket.  This holds all my holiday stamps, papers, ribbons, embellies and other whatnot.  It's a wicked old laundry basket my DFIL's parents used to use.  Some old doilies from both our families line the basket.  This is probably the only thing that isn't rainbow organized and is more of a catchall.
Last shot of my room, I promise.  This is a bookshelf my DH and I bought at Target with our first paycheck 10 years ago!  We used to keep all his engineering books on it, but recently I took it over with all my children's books and crafting goodies.  The books you can see and all the baskets hold bulky stuff that either in progress or finished.  This is dangerous for me.  These baskets "hide" stuff and then I forget that I have these projects to finish.  I should go see what's in these today!!!  What have I forgotten to finish?!?!

Well I hope you enjoyed the rest of the tour!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  I'm happy to answer anything.  My next big challenge is to figure out where to put a sewing machine so I will use it!  Again, if only studio-space-constraints were the biggest troubles of the world.

Seriously, I'm really grateful to have this space as my own and hope all of you do/will have the same blessing in your life.  This post isn't meant to boast, it's meant to share ideas in the hopes it saves someone time and energy with their creative time.  Who couldn't use more time creating?!? :)


  1. Right, thats in - I need to move in to your craft room!!

    Its fabulous hun!

    Leanne xx

  2. Wow!! Moriah what a fabulous room. So many fab storage tips in there. Thanks for sharing.
    xx Vee


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