Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sock Hop

It's tradition for my DMIL (Hi Barb!) to gift us "Easter Socks" in our baskets (along with my Cadbury Creme Eggs of course LOL!).  I'm of the opinion that I'll never be to old for an Easter basket full of candy. :)
This past weekend we made a last minute trip to Albany to see my baby cousin (okay she's in her 20's and not really a baby, she's a gorgeous adult!) who was up for a wedding.  Our good deed of travel was rewarded with....
Being the great Reading Specialist I am, I completely ignored the directions and my DMIL had to tell me I could break up the packs to pick my favs.
What to pick, what to pick.  Keeping in mind that my DSIL gets the leftovers..... (choose wisely was ringing in my ears LOL!)
Stay tuned to see which ones I picked and why. :)  I'm off to hit the outlets with Tom's baby cousin (who isn't a baby either, she's about to head off to college!!!!! Why am I suddenly feeling old?!?)

Oh yeah, Tom got to do the same thing, but his socks aren't as much fun to look at. ;)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. that is a fun tradition and the purse bag is cute. and you are right you are never to old for a basket of candy.
    happy Easter


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