Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Counts?

It's week 5 of Amisha's Being Creative linky party already!  Already at the halfway mark.  Huh.  My how time flies. :)
This week Amisha wants to know: What counts as creative time?  Hmmm.  That's a tough one.  I think I count the actual time actively making the creation obviously, but I'm torn about how I should really count "research" and "acquiring".  I mean last Sunday I spent 4 hours making this leather wrap bracelet.  Having signed up for this class with friends ages ago, not knowing that I would have 2 creative deadlines looming and a week long jury obligation.  Ah well, it was good I had this class lined up.  It helped to reboot my creative mojo.
So obviously classes and "in studio" work count, but then I have guilt about this next "thing" I count as creative time.  IS it creative time or creative time sink?  Yes, it is that temptress blog-surfing.  Does it count when I get so much inspiration???  Does it still count when you factor the HOURS AND HOURS I spend hopping from one blog to the next, not actually making anything myself??? 

Well the jury is still out on this one, but stay tuned for more updates. :)  Hey speaking of updates- We're doing pretty well with the no TV thing.  Occasionally we forget to turn the TV off, but I will say usually it's because we're being productive instead of sitting on the sofa and that's why we've forgotten.  As soon as either of us remembers we do shut off the "boob tube".  Should it be called the "high def dipstick" these days?  Hmmm.  Talk amongst yourselves. :)

I'd love if you talked to me about your creative time!  I promise to spend more time catching up with everyone this week!!!!  (I'd say it's a quiet week ahead, but why jinx myself.)


  1. Hi Moriah,
    You are just a ray of sunshine! And about my creative time--it is non-stop! lol

  2. I think we are creative even when we aren't doing and hands on crafting.
    Just thinking of our next project is being creative.


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