Monday, March 14, 2011

Things that Niggle!

My friend Amisha (Gorgeous and Fun) is hosting week four of her "Being Creative" blog party.  This week she wanted to know what are the things that niggle.  Translation- what keeps you from being creative?

That's a mutlipart answer for me.  Sometimes it's simply that sleep overrules creativity.  For me sleep overrules pretty much everything. LOL!  You can only imagine the dread in my house when Spring Ahead rears it's ugly head.  Daylight, schmaylight.  I need sleep!!!  Of course if I spent time outside in the daylight I might have more energy...  ;) 
Most often my niggle is getting crippled with indecision.  Maybe I spent so much time with my "I survived the Depression" grandmother that it rubbed off on me, but I hate to use anything without a plan.  The idea of "wasting" the supplies weighs heavy on me.  I mean you have seen the number of creations that came about from my scrap pile!!  Many of the scraps are ones most of my friends would toss without a second thought.  Can you imagine what I go through thinking that I am about to use something, it may not work, AND I'll have to kiss those materials goodbye 'cause it turned out so yucky my DMIL(who really adores all my creations) wouldn't even like it (Hi Barb!).
Then every once in a while my "I'm turning into a hoarder" complex emerges.  I give myself the creative kick in the pants I need and get to town making something- anything- 'cause what's the point in having these cool toys if I never use them?!?  Speaking of using toys- What's your favorite toy?  What keeps you from using it more?

PS- For those of you wondering how my reduced TV for Lent experiment is going- so far, so good!


  1. Hi Moriah! I know what you mean about wasting material - I remember my parents asking me to be certain I was going to do something before spending money. "Are you sure" so some times I go in analysis paralysis or rather drive the hubby crazy with should I buy this or should I not buy this?

  2. Wow, I could have written this post.
    Your card is adorable.

  3. Hi Moriah, thanks for visiting my blog!
    I like your pink card with the cute little owls!

  4. Boy, I can really relate to your post. I was raised by 2 great "depression survivors" and have a hard time getting rid of anything. I do get into a funk at times trying to decide what to use - because I want it to be perfect! LOL! Anyway, I am trying to do better. Just going for it more. But it's a challenge. I don't really have a favorite toy, but I am learning to learn some new art supplies, like oil pastels and liquid acrylics. Lots of fun!


  5. such a charming image and coloured so beatifully, a smashing card


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