Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maybe Spring Needs a Reminder

I think spring has forgotten it's job.  Maybe it doesn't remember that it's the buffer between winter and summer.  Maybe it doesn't know what it's leading us towards.  In light of the miserable weather about to hit us tomorrow, I thought I'd share some warm weather photos.  :)
This past Christmas we treated ourselves to a trip somewhere warm- Key West!  We arrived on Christmas Day- just in time to avoid the snowstorm that socked the northeast with the first of something like 13 snowstorms in 13 weeks.
We enjoyed (and survived) the ultimate test of a marriage- tandem biking!  See those shorts?!?  I feel like I'm never going to get to wear shorts again!
Look at all the green stuff!!!!  The view is from a old lighthouse that I'm pretty sure had way too many of us tourists standing on to be safe. LOL!
Okay, so these aren't the most amazing shots and I didn't really edit them for magnificence, but would you believe that these almost never happened?  On the pink taxi (yup that puppy was pink) from the airport to the place we were staying I dropped my iPhone AND my camera under the front passenger seat of the taxi!  I always have my phone on vibrate, so the driver never heard my phone "ring" as we called from my DH's phone.  We figured all was lost and about an hour later went for a walk downtown to try to cheer up (after all we were in FLA for vaca- I mean really it's just a phone and camera) and as we were walking we looked up and saw our taxi driver.  We hopped in the taxi, told him the story, gave him some cash to say thanks and hopped out at the next block.  The poor guy never knew what hit him!  We saw lots of pink taxi's all week and lots of the same drivers over and over, but NEVER saw our driver again.  Seriously. Dumb. Luck.  But then again-- we say better to be lucky than good.   I mean look how February of 2009 turned out.  Dumb luck is now being called a "Pink Taxi" in this house- and I've stopped using that purse. :)

Hope the pics and goofy tale brought you a smile.  I'll be back tomorrow with some fun pics of a cheerful (and easy) card.

Stay warm,

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  1. I have never been to key west. I can't remember a spring quite like this or maybe I have just blocked it out. I know I want to block this spring out.
    stay warm


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