Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Resolutions and Frames

I want to thank everyone for the sweet responses to my post about Sweet Tea!  I adored all your comments.  Okay, resolutions then my frame project!

If you know a teacher then you know we always have big plans for what we are going to get done over "Summer Vacation".  This year I decided to pick just a few things and post them here.  I figure if I tell all of you, then y'all will keep me honest. (HA!)  As I tick things off the list I'll post an update here in blogland.  At the end of the summer I'll review and see how well I did.  I really am much better when I have deadlines.

The List (in no particular order)
1. paint upstairs hallway (I've had one coat up since April for cripes sake!) and laundry room
2. clean back bedroom (It's become the default junk room ugh!)
3. work over the cable company for a new deal (I do this every summer)
4. get crown moulding and built-ins installed in living room & repair screen door
5. take 2 tech classes for work (teachers don't party all summer :) we go to school:) )
6. open an Etsy store? (kinda on the fence here)
7. pay myself $1 for every time I walk the dog this summer
8. re-certify my teaching license (this HAS to be done if I want to keep teaching. )
9. post 2 times a week items for all those challenges I want to play in!!! 
10. finish a scrapbook for a change!

So did I bite off more than I can chew?
Here's what I did with a 50 cent frame I got at a garage sale.  I've always had a love of different cultures and religions (probably why I'm a Unitarian).  My husband and I have a collection of a variety of religious symbols, the largest of which are Christian crosses.  We have crosses from all over the country and world.
When I saw the frame I knew it was worth a 50 cent purchase.  I mean how can you go wrong!!  My husband had the idea of using the empty frame on the wall for a focal point and together we came up with the idea of displaying (almost all) the crosses.  Don't they look beautiful?

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  1. I've been poking around from your comment on my site, and I definitely have a blog crush on you.

  2. Good luck with the cable company. Grrrr. Mine are such turds.

    Love your collection of crosses!

  3. i agree about the cable company! that frame is a great find!

  4. Thanks for stopping by at www.MakazHome.com. I love how you incoporated the frame in with your cross collage.

  5. The crosses look terrific displayed that way. I am a teacher too. I have one workshop this summer and a few things on my to do list as well. Today was just the first day and I was fairly productive. Hopefully that motivation stays!

  6. Sorry, I was unsuccessful in emailing you. Thanks for welcoming me to blogland, you were the first. Also, thanks for the lovely compliment on my wreath. I really love your blue Christmas cards!


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