Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer!

Summer is here!!!!!!!!!  I wanted to share so pictures from this past Saturday.  I'll be back tomorrow with somethin' crafty (and my summer to-do list).
My cousin's wedding celebration at Glimmerglass was fabulous!  We had TONS of food and the weather was nice enough to cooperate with sunshine and a light breeze.
I've been to many state parks in NY (I was a summer day camp kid and we hit all the parks) and I can't believe I hadn't been here before.  This was the view from our pavilion and the beach was a stones through away.
The whole day was non-stop eating and catching up.  We had Brooks BBQ- if you haven't had this and you are passing through Oneonta stop by and enjoy!  I meant to take a picture of dinner, but I was half-done before I remembered, so you are getting a shot of the centerpiece instead. :)
The hostess and host trying to feed us all more food!  My husband and I were so full we skipped dinner Saturday night.  That's saying something 'cause my husband never skips a meal. LOL!  All in all, a perfect way to begin my vacation.


  1. Oh BBQ sounds wonderful! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Look forward to seeing your projects!


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