Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers and a Card

I promise there is a card on this post somewhere.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this post and find the card. LOL!

A couple of years ago my DH and DFIL dug a small flower garden for me that I can see from the sofa of my living room.  I promptly planted a ton of flowers and this peony was one of them!  I can't believe how HUGE it's blossoms are this year.
This is the bouquet of flowers I rescued after a wild storm came through our area.  I have three kinds of peonies, three kinds of roses, and some green beauty whose name I have forgotten (would love input from anyone who knows!)  The smell is heavenly!!  Do you see the size of that white peony?  I'm not kidding it's the size of my outstretched hand (okay my hand isn't huge like a Hobbit's foot or anything, but still)!
This is my dumb luck card.  I'd love to say that I planned it all out and coordinated everything so intentionally, but nope.  I had made the blue easel card base in the hopes of using up the paper.  I had colored the flower for fun to see how it would look in blues and the ribbon I just happened to have on hand.  I love dumb luck (without it I know I wouldn't have any!).
I used my handy dandy copics for this card and managed to once again to create something with no bling!  I must be ill.  Two cards in two weeks with notably absent bling.  Is there a challenge blog for card sans bling?  Do they offer bling for no bling? Ha-ha-hee-hee.  I crack myself up.


  1. Love your clean and simple card! And I'm jealous of your peonies....

  2. Beautiful beautiful card! LOVE that blue! And the flowers? SO PRETTY!

  3. Gorgeousness! Wish I could tell you what your unnamed flower is, but I haven't the foggiest. Plants, flowers and I just don't mesh well together. (I kill them....though not on purpose!)

  4. Beautiful flowers. I was given my MIL's peony by my FIL after she passed away.
    It has yet to bloom, it has been about 6 yrs. I may have to move it to a different location,
    Your card is so pretty.

  5. So simple, yet so beautiful. I love it!


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