Monday, April 19, 2010

It All Starts Here

Happy Patriot's Day everyone!  If it's Patriot's Day in MA that means it is also Marathon Day.  The school I work at is at the start (no really like only a few hundred feet from THE START) of the Boston Marathon.
It's exciting and somewhat frustrating all at the same time.  We're excited because so many folks run for such great causes like the Respite Center in town and Dana Farber.  We're less than thrilled the week before because to get everything ready for race day they have to take over The Common (the park across from the school) and most of our parent and teacher parking is on The Common.  Oh well, it's for a good cause.  The port-o-potties came early this year- we think it's because they were trying to get everything done before the rain hit.  I snapped this shot last Wednesday while the sun was still shining.

I didn't get much time while the sun was shining to get pictures, but the starting line is roughly where that silver SUV is parked.  I snapped this pick just before they finished all the scaffolding and wrapped that whole grassy island in green mesh.  They turn the whole area there into a giant stage to make announcements, start the different races, and have a few performances.  It was pretty exciting trying to take a left on Friday when I was leaving. :)
This is the building closest to the start line and the runners can see this map as they start the race.  It really is pretty cool to see it all.  The first year Tom and I went we literally stood next to the start line.  I was determined to clap for all the runners/racers.  They stagger the starts so the wheelchair races go first, then I believe it is elite runners (they are so fast and light you don't even hear them run-seriously), then your average Joes.  It's easy to clap for the wheelchair racers and elite runners, there are a bunch, but after 10 min you've clapped for everyone.  Then comes the rest of the runners.  45 minutes and I was still clapping for people who had been running for 45 min and had just crossed the starting line when they got to me.  WOW!

I've never been one to run unless I am being chased.  These folks amaze me.  There are only two legit ways to get into The Boston Marathon, qualify by being a wicked good runner, or raise money and run under the banner of a charity.  Either way, these people have a dedication to be admired.  As I sit here and type this runners from around the world who have trained for months and months are racing 26.2 miles though MA.  All of them will be able to say tomorrow- "I ran the whole Boston Marathon and survived!!!"  Good Luck Runners!

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