Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday

Happy, with just hours left, Easter Monday to all my Canadian friends!  I gotta say given the amount of sweets I enjoyed this weekend the converse of this sentiment true as well. LOL!  (Yup I'm watching Big Bang Theory so I sound like a geek).
We pulled another "Savannah" and ended up going to Maine to celebrate Easter.  Originally I was going to host, but my DMIL got a head cold and didn't want to spread it to us and my DSIL's family. (Hi Barb! Hope you are feeling better!).  As I was on my way to the market with DH when I checked my email and the fam up in Maine invited us up! 
YAHOO!  A chance to see even more family than we expected AND we got a quick 10 minute walk on the beach before we left town.  Shots of the beach are further down. :)

The nephs got a chance to play with "new" toys (they were worried that since the venue changed they wouldn't get to play with Auntie and Uncle's lego collection- at least we are loved for something. :) )
Many thanks go to our master chef Aunt Pat.  She is a genuis in the kitchen, especially when you consider there are many very unsual food allergies on my husbands side of the family.  The food is always THE BEST.  The pot in the center is her famous chocolate sauce.  When she asked if we wanted it for the ice cream the cries of yes erupted from all over the house!  We all love ice cream in this family, but it is nothing without this sauce. :)
New England has been socked with storms lately and we were curious to see how the beaches weather the storms.  WOW!  There are usually some rocks, but this was how rocky the beach was on Sunday.  The weather was stunning and you would have thought it was early June with the number folks walking the beach enjoying our very unseasonable 70+ weather.  This is the first time DH and I have worn shorts on Easter since we lived in Clemson.
DH was excited to find a big piece of driftwood that had washed on shore.  He was equally disappointed to have to leave the wood on the beach. :(
I leave with a parting nod to Easter and the actions I will be taking soon when we finally run out of candy.  Alas, another season of Cadbury Creme Eggs has passed.  Sigh.  I hope everyone had an equally fulfilling holiday weekend. 

***Hint the countdown is around 10 or less to a fun candy announcement. Stay tuned!***


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Maine is beautiful, isn't it?

  2. What a fun Easter - love the picture of the beach! We live in the midwest, so every chance I get to see it I'm excited - LOVE the card too!

  3. Fun fun Easter!! My family has trickled down from Canada to Maine to Connecticut. My G-gma lived in Maine all her life and I used to visit often. Lovely place. :)


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