Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm a Lucky Girl

I don't often post things other than cards, but I thought I would share an album I made a bit ago.  Of course since I am a Basic Grey addict, I used BG paper for this keyhole scrapbook. :)  If you admit you have a problem- do you still have a problem?
My husband and I have been together for something like 15 years, and we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary this July 4th.  We have a wicked good friend, Jeff, who learned photography for our wedding.  I may have mentioned him before, he's taken photo's of some of my creations for posting here.
I mention Jeff because every year, since our wedding, he takes photos of Tom and me.  He likes to call it "The Decline of the American Family" LOL!!!  He jokes that these photos will be compiled into a coffee table book and he will be famous.  Honestly though, he's a great photographer and I keep telling him to open an Etsy shop to sell his stills and scenery shots.  I took photography classes in high school (when we still used film and needed darkrooms!), but Jeff really knows his stuff and we're pretty lucky to have this photo timeline of us. :)
I usually do albums of our trips or ABC albums (I'm working on one right now), so putting together an album of just us was tricky.  I was paralyzed with indecision about which pictures to use and which to leave for another project.  When the album is of a trip it so much easier for me because I put in the highlights and the favorite shots to tell the story of our travel, but what to say about us?!?  There are a couple pages that I left blank because, believe it or not, my husband want to journal on those pages.  Told you I was lucky.  He usually likes to do a few of the pages in our other albums too. (I know some of you are nauseous right now.  What can I say, he's a sentimental guy and since he doesn't complain about what I spend on this stuff- he can do what he wants. LOL)

So I guess I have been on a roll about challenging myself lately.  The Happy Cluckers cards were a challenge cause they aren't weren't my typical choice for an image, the Flights of Fancy card used a lacy trim I would never have bought but now love, and now the theme of this album.

How 'bout you?  What fun ways are you finding to challenge yourself?


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