Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Blooms on Paper

Well the snow has melted, but around here that doesn't mean it won't snow again in 15 minutes! :-) Thought I'd share a pretty purple duo from last winter.

I was going through my files looking for another pic and came across a bunch of goodies I made last winter and never got to share.  Between shoveling record breaking snowfalls every other day, working, and filling Etsy orders, my poor blog got pushed to the sidelines.

These went into orders for customers who wanted variety boxes of cards (and I think I made a couple more for either Mother's Day or Easter- I'm too young to be senile already!!!!! LOL!).  I used a Unity stamp and colored them with Copies.  I don't often make anything purple these days which is funny since it was my FAVORITE color when I was a kid.  When the Care Bears came out with a purple raccoon character I was over the moon.  My favorite animal was a raccoon and my favorite color was purple.  It was like they read my mind! ;-)

Dalias are one of my favorite flowers.  Probably because I don't have much luck with them!  Most flowers will grow for me with little to no attention- even fickle roses.  Not dalias.  Lucky for me there is a little farmstand around the corner and she grows lots of flowers for bouquets.  Among the many flowers are some dalias.  I can get the benefit of the bouquet without the stress of nursing a touchy plant. ;-P

I gotta get this stamp out again.  It would look sooooooo pretty in pink and orange!

TTFN & have a great day!

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