Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome Cida!

As promised, here is the big surprise!!!!

He is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (like Cad) and his name is pronounced "Key-dah". This pic is from when we went to meet him and his parents on Flag Day (July 14th).  DH wanted me to keep Cida's arrival off any social media until we brought him home.  Now I'm usually the very superstitious type in our relationship (my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage running rampant), but he was super scared this would fall through somehow, so only immediate family/friends knew and all were sworn off saying anything on FB.

The owner will only let you take pups after he meets you in person and checks your refs.  That, to me, was incredibly comforting because it meant he wanted to make sure his pups were going to good people, not just people with cash.  He also never ships pups.  I would never be comfortable with that anyway.  I've heard too many tragic stories.  We thought this was the fella we wanted from scoping out the blog pics, but when we got there and they put our all the pups we were sooooo torn!  6 puppies with wobbly legs and wagging tails.  Cuteness to the max!!!!!  In the end we went with our first instincts and are so glad we did!

July 4, 2014

So where did we get the name Cida?  We went the Welsh route.  Ci (key) and gi(gea) mean "dog" in Welsh and da(dah) is supposed to mean "good".  So basically we named our new fella "good dog".  Not terribly creative, but corgi means "dwarf dog" in Welsh so we didn't have much of a bar to trip over. LOL!

July 5, 2014 with his new bone

I'm a big one for thinking about meaning first and sound second.  Not gonna name my dog "fast runner" or "fierce protector" cause I don't want to be chasing after it, or keeping it from biting everyone who comes near me.  Told you I was the traditionally superstitious one!  We ran through the idea of naming Cida, "little brother", "second", "smart dog", or "black and white".  None of them seemed pronounceable or they were too boring to say.  We even toyed with something patriotic since we met him on Flag Day and knew we would bring him home on The Fourth of July.  No dice though because the words were too hard to say, too unwieldy, or just meh.  Cida (which btw my spellcheck HATES and keeps trying to make Vida or Coda) was one we kept coming back to and we said it enough that it stuck. :)

DH has never owned a puppy and I haven't had one in 30 years!  This is going to be an adventure for sure.  Stay tuned as the adventure continues...


  1. Cute pup! I have a cardi (Shadow - similar coloring to yours) who is 10 and keeps us on our toes. He is mostly a goofball and much loved. Enjoy your new pup.

  2. So darling! Enjoy your sweet pup, sounds like he came from a great home. Make sure you post often so we can see him move.

  3. that was suppose to see him grow not sure where my mind was.

  4. Awww! I am so very happy for you and know that you will have marvelous adventures with your new family member! Best of luck with the puppy stage!!


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