Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Resolutions 2014

It's time to post some summer resolutions!  I'm much better about dedicating myself to these resolutions when I post them for all of you to read.  Let's see how many I can cross off the list by Labor Day weekend...

Summer Resolutions 2014
1.  Get Cida housebroken
2.  Donate 10 boxes of "stuff from the house" to charity (likely my closet!!!)
3.  Get clothes I am keeping tailored (I'm short and lazy with my sewing machine)
4.  Gather crafty goods not being used to either purge or sell
5. Plant succulents on back deck
6. Mulch pathway & generally give love to backyard
7.  Sit outside to read or eat 2-3 times a week (if it is pretty I should admire it!)
8. Get upstairs toilet & shower fixed (both are using too much water!)
9.  Get curtains for bedroom (seriously we've been in the house like 8 years and only used shades!)
10.  Fix hole in ceiling our poor friend Jeff made whilst in our attic. :)
11.  Use treadmill 5 times a week (if I tell y'all I'm gonna do it, I'll feel guilty if I don't)
12. Blog and comment at least 2 times a week (y'all are so inspiring I gotta get my mojo going again!)
13.  Add more details to my creation posts
14.  Design & create 3 new banners
15.  Don't spend any money (other than bills & food) for the next 3 weeks 

And since no post is complete without a fun creation to look at, I've got this little cutie for y'all.  It is a teacher thanks card I created back for Teacher Appreciation Week.  The sentiment is Amuse, the image Unity, the ribbon I dyed myself, and sadly I'm hanging my head in shame because I'm already failing at a resolution!  I can't tell you where the dp came from 'cause I pulled it from my scrap bin!! ACK!  Okay, okay.  Tomorrow will be better right?

Happy Friday!!!


  1. You go girl... those are worthy goals.

  2. Wow! There are a lot of things on your list that I need to be doing too-minus the housebreaking! I love the sitting outside goal! I just put the umbrella up on our patio table this morning to entice me to sit out there in the mornings before it gets too humid.
    Your crayons card is terrific and I love your ribbon! I wouldn't sweat the name of the paper! I don't know what half of the stuff in my scraps container is either!

  3. You have a long list of Resolutions :)
    I post mine on my blog for all to see and still don't do them, lol.
    Your card is so cute, such fun colours :)


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