Friday, July 4, 2014

My Beacon

Happy Birthday America!  Happy Anniversary to my DH!  Yup, 13 years today, married anyway.  We were together for ages before we got married, so it is probably something like our 20th anniversary today. 

Since we spent the last week near the beach in LA and we will be headed back to ME this weekend, I thought a nautical theme in red/white/blue was so perfect for today!  This stamp is a favorite of mine.  I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but this was used for save-the-date cards for a friends wedding.  Hey that's another reason this card is great for today!  It's my wedding anniversary and we used this stamp for her wedding.  There are so many levels of awesomeness to this card. LOL!

The goods are all scraps from the scrap pile so, sadly, I am at a loss to tell you anything about who made what.  I looked back at my other nautical posts to see if I could find who made the stamp (I'm still poolside in LA so I can't peek at this stamp) & it appears that I have shafted y'all multiple times with regard to this fabulous stamp!  UGH!  I will add it to my Summer Resolutions list to get y'all the name.

Brace yourselves.  I have many more posts of nautical goodness in the works!  I was inspired by Jessica over at The Paper Parade.  She is part of the coolest group of gals that take turns making kits for each other.  Check out the master blog that explains it all--12 Kits of Occasions.  Their May kit was all nautical.  I'm still drooling- and inspired!

Don't forget to swing by tomorrow for my news.  I'll give you a hint.  Think furry. :)

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  1. When I saw the title, I read 'my bacon' and was a bit confused when I saw a lighthouse! lol! Must be time for lunch!!
    Your card looks fantastic and the patriotic theme is perfect for the 4th! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!


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