Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here Comes the Sun!

I'm in denial about the snow. Really though I can't complain. Last winter was WAAAAAAY worse with snow and truth be said, I kinda like looking at it.  It does make the backyard pretty. But I digress...

Sunny sunflower time!  I'm happy to once again say that this is a "two bird" card.  The goods are all from the scraps stash (number 5 in my 50 projects challenge) and it's a birthday card for my friend!

I've only been late on a couple cards since September.  Yaayyy!  All the anniversary celebrants and birthday peeps have gotten some happy mail in their mailbox, which is huge for me.  I'm terrible at remembering birthdays unless it is 2 months ahead, or 1 day behind!!!  (None of you ever have that problem do you?)  Thank heavens for FB and iPhone reminders!  Between the 2 they remind me to get my toukas in gear and get cards done. :)  This is going to go out to a gal I used to work with and just caught up with again recently. 

So here's a challenge for you!  Send a note to that someone you haven't talked to in a while.  It'll make both of you smile. :)

Have a sunny day!


  1. Love this sunny sunflower card on our New England Winter Snow Day. The yellow is so bright and cheerful, your friend will love it.

  2. My favorite George Harrison son - and a delightful sunflower. Heading off to drop a loved one a note, right NOW! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  3. This is such a wonderful card to see during our dreary winter days! I wish I could tell you my cards are always mailed on time, but alas...


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