Monday, February 10, 2014

Amuse-ing Items

I played around with some tags and old Amuse stamps and came up with these "Heart Throb" tags.  There is something very Zen about coloring tiny "stuff", for me at least.

This is another one of those stamps I've had forever, but can't remember ever using!!!  I'm glad I funny inked it up.  This guy is soooo much fun to color!!!!

What fun things have you done today?



  1. ADORABLE...I usually head right for the "piddly" work of little items, too, so I understand the Zen thing! Happy Monday - Tanya

  2. cute!!! love the diner ... very cool!!!

  3. Hi Moriah,

    Your tags are so sweet! The background paper is very pretty. I think we all have stamps that have never touched ink ... lol.

  4. absolutely nothing, I'm at work! Love that little bunny, though I know my own bunnies would NEVER sell their carrots!

  5. Your tags are terrific! I love to color too-not very good at it, but I like it!


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