Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some Catch Up

Whoa!  Two posts in 2 days!!!  Well, I'm procrastinating on some other jobs right now.  Seemed like a good time to post something I made last month. *wink*  Honestly, extended exposure to those 5,6, & 7 year old's I work with has given me their attention span (yeah sure that's where my distractibility cam from LOL)

 I made a few versions of "merry" banners this past season.  A couple had gingerbread people in place of the flag base.  One of those I sold to a coworker and another was a gift.  One used large mittens as the base and went all the way across The Pond to "Merry Old England".  Merry- get it?  Yup, I've had too much coffee this morning. :)

Most of the papers came from a Kit Club kit I am a part of at Ink About It.  The circles I mounted the lettering on I "made" from my stash.  I couldn't find anything that matched, but wasn't too busy to distract from the letters.  I pulled out a paper that had the right soft background, but it needed some umph.  A few snowflakes stamped in grey & red later...voila!

The paper looks like it came with the kit!  Even better I made room in my stash for new stuff. hee-hee!  The mitten is an Amuse die.  It was looking a little naked and needed some glitter to help it smile.

This banner went to live with our friends Jeff and Erin.  They were part of the 13 Man, Woman, and Child Crew that helped to decorate our house for Christmas this year.  It was funny to see it on their mantle!  I got so used to seeing it like it is in this pic.  They have the prettiest reindeer on their mantle, you'd have thought I knew that when I picked the reindeer paper that is on the banner (I mean OF COURSE I knew that *wink-wink*)

Huh, I finished the post.  Does that mean I have to go do my jobs????

Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy Sunday and stay warm out there!


  1. Love what you did on the background -
    I have a stash that needs to be used - what a great way !!!

    Thanks for the idea

  2. Another gorgeous banner and I love the homemade dp!! As far as having too much coffee... I'm pretty sure that's not humanly possible!

  3. Your banner is so cute.
    I love the added sparkle to the mittens :)


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