Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Bouquet in a Blizzard

Happy Snow Day!  Well, it is for me anyway. :)  My town dodged a snowbullet with only about 3 inches of snow.  My school is 30 minutes south, so they called off school late last night.  Still haven't heard from anyone sown there about how much they got, but some towns have 15 inches.  It's light and fluffy, which is great, but it is BITTER COLD.  Wind chills are 20 below.  Frankly, I'll take 20+ inches if it means no sub-zero temps.  Tomorrow will be worse.  7 below as the air temp (I shudder to think what the windchill will be) & I am facing 20-30 minutes of outdoor bus duty.  Y-U-C-K!
With all the cold, it seems like ages ago since we were all complaining about heat and humidity! LOL!  Seems like a good time to share a paper bouquet. :)  This is a simple set that is a more girly take on this book themed set.  I'm counting it as my 4th 50 Projects ChallengeI think I might add a tally of this personal challenge and my Christmas cards personal challenge (mostly so I can keep track for myself!)

Everything is boxed up and pretty for gifting.  I loaded it into my Etsy Shoppe, but if it doesn't get sold, I know it will get gifted. :) 

The papers are mostly BG with some MB kitchen dots (I think), the card bases are MB, ribbon is BB & Doodlebug, button is MFT, and the luscious sentiment is Avery Elle (my new favorite crush).

I'm going to spend a little more time under the covers, snuggling with my corgi, sipping my coffee, and blog surfing before venturing out (dentist appointment & PO run).  How 'bout you?  Any fun plans?


  1. LOL..funny you ask. I was on Pinterest yesterday deciding on a cute nail design for Valentine's day and that's my plan for this morning. A girlfriend of mine has a shop and I'll be sipping green tea with honey, getting the nails done, catching up on stuff and listening to the 50mph winds's freeeezing here today too. NO snow, so I can't complain too much. Just hope the walls stay in place on the house. Your cards are gorgeous and they ARE perfect for this wickedly weird weather. Stay safe and keep inspiring me with your beautiful work. :)
    hugs to you!
    Lisa x
    Also, thank you so much for the very sweet comments you leave me. They are so very much appreciated.

  2. These are sure to sale, so cute!!!

  3. Hello! wow that must be cold!!

    I am popping by as part of the 'grow your blog day' Its such a lovely way to find super new blogs to read...I am joining along with you too.
    bestest weekend wishes
    Daisy j

  4. The papers are so pretty and your card set looks great! Hope you are staying warm! It's been quite chilly here too!

  5. They are beautiful! I love having cards on hand to use or give as gifts.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!