Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Please- For Amy

A couple summers ago I asked for your prayers, well wishes, good vibes, for our dog Cad.  I truly believe that all that goodness helped him to get where he is today (along with a wicked awesome team of vets!).  Today, I'm asking for that again.  This time for our kitty, Amy.  She may have bladder cancer.  It's likely inoperable.  She seems to be doing well and our hope is that we can manage it with some non-steriod type medicine.  Please keep her in your thoughts today.  She's only been our family member for about 5 years, but she is 18 and she is so sweet (despite the look in this photo!).

Thanks- I'll be back with more news when I know more...


  1. Thinking of you, Moriah, and praying for Amy. xo

  2. Moriah, she is so precious! Sending hugs and prayers!


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