Sunday, October 14, 2012


While I was supposed to be working on some other things, this golf cart called me to play.  I don't play golf myself.  I'd rather whack at the balls at the driving range, mostly because my aim leaves something to be desired.  Getting into that little hole is hard for me when we play putt-putt! :)
That cart, that fun little cart!  It's sooooo stinkin' cute!  I spent Wednesday night messing around with the stamp and papers.  I think I was trying to pretend that the sun was going to shine at some point soon.  LOL!  I guess I can't complain too much.  We did have some nice weather yesterday- blue skies and everything. :)
I made enough of these to box up 4 sets.  I'm selling at a craft fair this fall and hopefully these will be a hit.  Just in case, I loaded them to my Etsy Shoppe too. ;)


  1. Adorable~these will fly off your table!!! super cute!!!

  2. Yes, these are completely adorable!!!!

  3. I've never played golf - too many ladies say it's we need another addictive hobby - ha! These are so adorable Moriah - absolutely LOVE them!!!!

  4. These cards are so fun.
    I love that you paper pieced the golf cards, I would never have thought of doing this.

  5. Wowie Moriah! These are Absolutely Darling!! 8-) What great sets! I am sure they will ssell like hotcakes! 8-) Just Super Cute! 8-)


  6. How fun are those stylish golf carts! I might take up golfing if I could ride in one of those!! Fantastic cards!!


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