Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Black Magic

Here's another Black Magic Pumpkin!  These have been fun to play around with this year. :)  Oooh, I just love using those scraps and messing around with wacky color combos- at least they are wacky for me.
I like to think Tim Gunn would say I made it work.  Not one paper was bought this year for this project.  In fact, it might be possible that everything used here is at least 2 years old.  No wait.  I lied. The aqua ribbon on the mason jar is from this summer.
Oh and the button is from last month.  So is the orange ribbon.  Humph.  Well the papers are all old dangit!  And I have posted 3 times this week.  Yahooey!



  1. This is so cute! I love the little spiders in the far too. Precious card.

  2. Cute! You did make it work! I love Project Runway, lol

  3. This most definitely works!! LOL at your supplies! Just be proud that you used old paper!!!!


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