Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom & Me

I have a surprise for you today.  I actually used a picture in one of my projects!!!  If you have been hanging out here in the fuzzy slipper zone for long, you'll have noticed I tend to make things for others to adorn with their photos.  This time one of mine made it. :)
Before you get to see the project, I wanted to show you the kit.  This one is the April Kit Club kit.  Most of the May kit has been used, but fear not more bit 'n pieces will make an appearance soon.  I know y'all are just on pins and needles. LOL!  In this kit, Mary gave us goodies from the Basic Grey pb&j line.  The cards weren't part of the kit, but they are there to inspire me to get my thank you cards made so I'm ready for the last day of school.  Only 6 more wake-ups left in this school year.  It's panic time!!!!  I'm not ready!!!!!
So I procrastinated tried to inspire myself this past Friday and joined some gals at the Craft In at my LSS.  Here is the first creation I completed and I ran around the store showing anyone who would look because I made something for me.  With a picture.  That I'm keeping.  LOL!  The shadowbox is from 7 gypsies and I'm hooked on how easy/quick/fun this is to embellish.  This picture has been on my "must use" list for about a year.  I found it in one of the copy paper boxes that are holding all the pictures from when we cleaned out Mom's house.
I adore this shot of us.  Mom read to me all the time as a kid, but not stories.  She read me poems from Ideals, nursery rhymes, and song lyrics.  She was so ahead of her time.  More and more research is showing how those types of text are crucial for early literacy development.  That was my mom- a trendsetter. :)  You may have noticed that I didn't crop the picture.  I couldn't.  Mom wrote the date of this picture on the back way at the top.  The picture is foam taped in different spots so you can still peek at her handwriting.  She had gorgeous handwriting, like a movie star or something.

Enjoy your Monday and enjoy reading with someone special this week!


  1. Oh Moriah,
    This is THE sweetest most wonderful tribute! I got a great laugh at you running all the way to the store to show it off! LOL...This is such a special treasure. Couldn't be more perfect. :)
    Lisa xx

  2. So happy that you finally created something so special for yourself!! This is beautiful and such a wonderful picture too!

    1. This is such a wonderful project! Great photo and I love all the gorgeous details! I can understand why you didn't crop the photo, it's lovely that your mum's handwriting is on the back of it!

  3. What a little cutie you are. You still have that impish
    gleam in your eye in your eye to this day. And your mom looks so much like you.
    A really lovely and special project.

  4. sent picked your blog from the Moxie Fab blogroll. I love this box. :) Gorgeous photo and a special memory.

  5. Lovely to see you Moriah this creation is a beautiful piece, hugs Samantha :0)


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