Monday, April 30, 2012

Need a little beachtime now

Coupla quick shots of beautiful St. John's.  Pictures really can't do it justice.  We're already trying to figure out how quickly we can get back.
I've gotta spend some time sorting through all the photographs.  I've even got an scrapbook ready to for pictures!!!  When I get it all together I'll take more photographs to post here. LOL!!
Didn't want to leave you without something crafty...  Peeky, peeky, more to see-see later. ;)

Keep the faith- Monday is almost over!


  1. St. John looks beautiful! Funny, my boss just went there a couple of weeks ago. Those strawberries look awesome! Can't wait to see more on those :)

  2. Closing my eyes and pretending I am in your picture instead of getting myself and two girls ready for school... Hmmm... not working! Less than a month til I get a little beach time!!EEEEEEE!!!
    Loving your sneek peek!


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