Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Calorie Free Goodies

Got another fry box to share tonight.  The box was made ages ago and then after I made this set I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when Eureka hit.  Light Springy colors, with this image, a perfect combo with the box!

*sniff, sniff*  The cards today are using that fun set of goodies from the secretary we are losing.  Friday is probably our last day with 2 secretaries.  I have no idea how the other gal is going to survive on her own.  Can you image handling the questions of Kindergarten and first grade parents, Kindergarten and first grade teachers, and Kindergarten and fist grade students- ALL BY YOURSELF?!?!?  We're talking ~400+ students.  She does all the bus routes, student records, CORI forms, absences, early pick-ups, late arrivals, supply orders- in short the secretaries make everyone's life easier.  It's just so sad and disappointing. :(
The stamps are from an SU set she gave me.  Not sure the name (if any of you know could you share?).  The card base is Amuse, the scallop die is from MFT, and the mat under the image is BG Sweet Threads- love me some BG!!  The Copics I used to "color" the image are BG11, YG03, RV13, and RV32.

I have a fun share from my students.  The schedule has been so hit and miss with testing that when I got to see different groups for their regular lesson most of them were actually BEGGING FOR NEW  BOOKS!  One group actually CHEERED when, after they got new books, I told them they could bring them home to READ FOR HOMEWORK!!!!  You would have thought I was handing out candy and Disney tickets.  Totally made my day. :)

Oooo, another made-my-day there was a last minute cancellation at the Craft In that my LSS hosts!!!  So I am scrambling to get my goodies together and get me some stuff done Friday night. :)  Am I packed for vacation next week?  Nope.  Am I flying out early Sunday morning?  Yup.  Am I gonna be scrambling all day Saturday?  Totally! That's what vaca is all about though isn't it?  Rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off until you get where you are going and then just sitting on the beach relaxing. 



  1. I love the spring colors! Sounds like a busy week. have a great vacation.

  2. She will love them!!! Love the container that holds the beautiful cards~very unique!!!

  3. So sweet of you to do this.
    I really like your springy colours.
    Is that fry box from a die cut?

  4. I had a lot of fun with you last night : ) And the cards are adorable. Thanks for getting me hooked on MFT dies....cannot wait to play with them. We will have to compare our creations in May.

  5. Love how you colored the image! Now that is coloring I think I can do well!! A beautiful little gift set!
    Sounds like you had a very rewarding week!


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